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   Target bridal lingerie selection Tips please remember [22/06/17 06:11AM]   
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Bride wear the wedding of the moment, like the general target bridal lingerie on the battlefield, as in fact, as a body armor, it is best not to let others find. Different body type, different design of the wedding, the application of the underwear is also very different, to "pretend" and not too deliberately, among the great knowledge! Here to give you a few small recommendations to the bride underwear!

1.Can not be too tight

Professional wedding designers have to share, each wearing target bridal lingerie a layer of underwear bride's mood will be followed by the conversion. If you wear improper or too tight, can not Shu breath, but also affect the mood of the whole day, even the memory of the whole wedding.

2.Choose the big back wedding style bride, need Nubra or the bottom with a buckle Girdle, in order to meticulously show the white slip of the United States back.

3. Choose Korean wedding dress

If you choose a Korean wedding dress, that is, to tie the back strap target bridal lingerie instead of zipper, perhaps more than the body sculpting you need Nubra, because the wedding behind the cable has played a body sculpting effect, please note that the cable can not be too tight or Too loose, otherwise less effective.

4. Thin bride

Body type thin and back straight bride, you need or not body sculpting, but the thickness of the Nubra, to create a 360 degree proportional to the body curve.

5. Material is the most important

Everyone in the purchase of  target bridal lingerie, even if the daily underwear, not too harsh on their own, always underwear is the most personal items, its material should be more attention than the clothes, can make their own more beautiful.




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