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   I don't want to wear sexy target bridal lingerie for my husband [24/06/17 08:54AM]   
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It makes me feel like I will perform the same, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

I can understand that you are reluctant to wear sexy target bridal lingerie. Some women are comfortable and wear lace skirts, thongs and charming silk bra. Other women like more loose shorts, T-shirt bra or sports bras / crop jackets.

The range of underwear available for women is huge, so I suggest that anyone who wants to buy underwear for their partner and ask yourself what she usually chooses to wear underwear - and buy it accordingly.

The clue is whether she has been worn. If she does not do that, it may not be because she secretly wants but has not found a suitable store yet.

Even Max & Spencer is also very attractive silk underwear, there are more beautiful underwear. If she is an ordinary underwear girl, stick to that style, but buy a more luxurious version.

However, I will give your husband some credit. He may go high street, and even a novelty store style. On the contrary, he went to a designer boutique, trying to choose elegant things.

Even so, to buy you (single) sexy target bridal lingerie is also a way to stimulate your (plural) sexual life, not a particularly progressive way to improve the shared sexual experience. It also shows a clear gap between what constitutes a "sexy" and what you think.

Clothes, both jackets and underwear, are an integral part of personal identity, which can be disturbing when a person who knows you very much is showing you a different gift from what you see yourself.

Fortunately, this is not an insurmountable problem. You said you feel uncomfortable, because wearing sexy target bridal lingerie makes you feel like being in the show.

Often, people with sexy target bridal lingerie (not designed to wear comfortable type of clothes) are more practical aspects of the problem.

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable when it has instantly become something different because it eliminates spontaneity.

On the contrary, on a night, when you are at home, why not try to put it under your target bridal lingerie clothes, so when you remove your clothes rather than a "show", it will be a good surprise.

It is still not completely spontaneous, but it will certainly increase the elements of your sexual life.

Needless to say, if you feel uncomfortable, sex will not be very happy. However, this may sound intuitive, a way to help you be more confident and relaxed can be to explore the "out of character" feeling, and the problem into a solution.

A common way to increase excitement in long-term relationships is to create a "two" feel through the use of role-playing to create scenes that you are all involved in.

If you are consciously "performing", any embarrassing feeling will soon disappear. As role-playing requires you to trust and communicate with each other, it tends to intensify rather than reduce intimacy.

Exploring your own feelings How to actively "perform" and role play will help you overcome your self-awareness.

Likewise, dressing allows you to reinterpret your husband's gift as a funny dress instead of reflecting who you are or what he wants.




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